Best Annuity Rates for January 2013

Best Annuity Rates for January 2013

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Liberty Banker Life is now offering some of the best fixed annuity rates this month of January 2013, please remember that rates may change without notice. If application is signed prior to rate change notice and received by home office, rate will apply.

Bankers 3 1.65% Guaranteed 3 Years
Bankers 5 2.60% Guaranteed 5 Years
Bankers 5 Premier 2.90% Guaranteed 5 Years
Bankers 5 Premier Plus year 1 3.70% Guaranteed 5 Years
Year 2-5 2.70% Guaranteed 5 Years
Bankers 7 2.70% Guaranteed 7 Years
Bankers 7 Premier 3.00% Guaranteed 7 Years
Bankers Elite  (Enhanced Rate )
Bankers Elite 3 2.00% Guaranteed 3 Years
Bankers Elite 5 3.05% Guaranteed 5 Years
Bankers Elite 7 3.20% Guaranteed 7 Years
Bankers Elite 9 3.35% Guaranteed 9 Years
Liberty Series (Planned Rate)
Liberty Choice 3.25% Planned
Liberty Select 3.75% Planned

In the ever change market place interest rates have dropped today in just a matter of minutes any of your gains can be lost. Don’t bet all your money on the market, it is advisable to keep a portion of your funds in a safe place. Insurance companies offer some of the best possible rates in today’s environment. Banks are paying very low rates on CD’s and your gains are taxed,  so what is the real rate of return.

An Annuity offers tax deferral, compounded interest and versatility. There are many types of annuities. The best annuity is the annuity that is right for you!

A traditional fixed annuity is paying 1.5% to 3.9 % for annuities that have a surrender period of 3-10 years. Yes, you can have access to your money and yes you will pay taxes, but only on the gain of the annuity!

Equity Indexed Annuities offer many options and a chance of greater returns with out the chance of loss.

Best Fixed Annuity Rates for January 2013
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